Lands of Algia 5E

Fifth Session

The party started off with gathering their loot from Silverfang’s hoard and heading back out through the portal to the docks of Vestia. Finding it was the beginning of the day they made a few quick stops gathering a few extra items, notably tobacco for the dwarf, and decided to skip finding a wagon and headed right out towards Midian, and the reported undead problem.

The first day was uneventful and the evening’s shifts were fairly routine. During the morning of their second day on the road, they encountered a dark skinned man who wore a grey robe with a bright yellow sash. They found him sitting on the ground facing 5 zombies that were heading towards him. The dwarf started to get ready for battle but the man raised his hand with a single finger raised as if to tell the group to wait. The party’s druid asked a question, and the man remained sitting and again waved them off. The party stopped interrupting and watched what the man was doing. As the zombies approached, the raised the sleeve of the other arm, his left, and slammed his bare arm into the ground. The ground seemed to swallow his arm to the elbow and the earth behind the zombies erupted with giant sized hands that grabbed each one of the zombies, crushing them, and dragging them back into the earth.

The man introduced himself as Cristobal of the Yellow, a member of the Order of the Yellow – a group of powerful healer monks that came into prominence during the Culuz Wars. He told the group that he had dispatched a number of zombies and skeletons that he had found wandering around the countryside all seeming to be looking for something. After the short conversation, he told the group that he needed to head back to his monastery and teleported away as the group watched.

Earwiggle, the gnomish rogue, checked out the site that the zombies had gotten pulled into and did not find any mirrors or other means of trickery.

The rest of the day and night proceeded without incident again.

During their fourth day on the road, in the middle afternoon, they happened upon a large owlbear fighting off a larger group of zombies.

The group decided to stay back and see what happened between the monsters fighting themselves and when the owlbear started to get overwhelmed by the numbers of undead, the druid made an argument to aid the beast. They party took action and quickly killed off the zombies even while they were able to pummel the owlbear a few more times. The party was able to use a spell to put the owlbear to sleep in its weakened state and while it slept, healed it back up and quickly beat a hasty retreat not wanting to face a healthy and fully rested owlbear.

The evening was once again quiet as the group had now reached the flat lands of the Great Plateau. During the next day, as the group continued towards Midian, a sinkhole appeared and dropped the dragonborne paladin and the dwarven cleric into a crypt. Seeing potential adventure, the gnomish rogue quickly darted down into the hole.

The three party members found a number of sarcophagi and a pedestal in the middle with a glowing emerald in the shape of a rose bud just beginning to open. From the emerald came a light green mist that upon further inspection showed heavy necromantic power. The dwarf quickly used a strong light spell that illuminated the room much better and found eleven different sarcophagi. Upon closer inspection of the closest three coffins, the inscriptions all stated these were Knights of Cathos. The group spent the next 15 to 20 minutes looking around the outskirts of the room, including the sorcerer who was wearing slippers of spider climbing, walking on the ceiling to the edge of the room. They found that the mist was rolling over the Knight’s caskets but was seeping into the walls and obviously the ground around them.

The party decided to start focusing on the gem stone. The dwarven cleric put on his vestments of Cathos and began praying which caused the gem to pulse with greater intensity. Noticing this, he began praying harder and louder as the group discovered markings around the gem that made they think it was a device dedicated to Nerilous, a Chaotic Evil Primogen. The rogue moved in and began to examine the gem closely which triggered it give off a final pulse and all the mists that were in the room were quickly sucked back into the gemstone. The covers on all the sarcophagi began to move.

The group had a collective “Oh Shit” moment.

The rogue tried to stab the gem to no effect. The lids now had all been moved far enough off that giant skeletons in full armor started rising out. The dragonborne reacting quickly blasted the gem with his frost breath and then with both hands slammed his battle axe down upon the crystal causing it to crack. As it cracked, all the undead fell back into their graves as if the strings had been cut from the puppet strings and the rose shaped emerald lost it’s color and magic and now looked to be a simple quartz decoration.

The party decided then to throw the broken rose into their bag of holding and quickly continue to Midian.



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