Lands of Algia 5E

Fourth Session

Amy Beth’s and Edna’s PCs met with the Lord Grey as Daniel and David’s kept an eye on the door and Matt and Kelsey watched over the tavern. Lord Grey wanted to know what happened with the recon and Amy Beth was sweet and to the point whilst Edna’s PC decided to take it up a notch and start questioning the Lord. Unfortunately, that drew his attention and he began questioning her and she managed to deflect and even turn around a few of the inquisitions. After Lord Grey left the bar, and a high number of slightly suspect strong-arms covered his tracks, the rest of the patrons took a collective sigh. There was a solitary chuckle and applause and a strange human like figure with silver eyes and long silver hair waved the ladies over to his table. He informed them that he did quite enjoy seeing a Lord Grey get put off and he would like to see if the group was interested in some business, seemingly to know that there were others of the party at the tavern.

The group gathered and had a drink with the silver haired human, and an elf that was with him. He told the party how pleased he was to see that Lord Grey get put off and for once not get his way. He introduced himself to the group as Silverfang, after saying that they would not be able to pronounce his true name. He also let them know he thought he was familiar with that particular Lord Grey, as he has seen the mask before, and they should all leave the tavern and head back to his business location. He group took a moment to discuss and then came to the decision to follow Silverfang and the elf, Pae, to their place.

Silverfang lead them down to a warehouse in the dock district of Vestia. Upon entering he asked the group if they were ready for an adventure. With that question he turned and asked Pae to pull down a lever next to one of many empty door frames within the warehouse. The group all looked to Matt’s dragonborn to see if he could get a read on Silverfang, and if they could trust him. The Paladin took a moment and used his divine insight and nodded to the group that he was relatively certain that Silverfang was at least safe for now. The paladin still could not quite get that uneasy feeling off his mind whilst being around Silverfang.

As Pae pulled the lever Silverfang mentioned that Algia did not have many doors like this one. The empty doorway lit up with a glimmering ring that pooled in the center, creating one of the legendary portals. Silverfang and then Pae walked through the portal. The group looked at each other and then, one by one went through the portal as well. As each entered it, they felt a splash of coldness and a sensation of movement and then appeared in a cavern, deep under the surface.

It was noticeably colder here and Silverfang pointed to a number of fur coats of various sizes by the portal, which closed as the last party member arrived. Obviously he was prepared for people to come to this cavern who were unready for the cold.

He smiled to the group and said, “I love this place, it gives me a chance to stretch out”. As the word Out was said, his form was already shifting into that of a large adult Silver dragon. Matt’s dragonborn smiled as the pieces finally fell into place from what he was sensing.
For the next hour or so, the dragon spoke to the group about taking a stand against what had started to tilt the balance of power in this world. Something he and other dragons had noticed but wasn’t quite certain where it coming from, so he decided to commission a group of adventurers. One that he would assist and occasionally direct towards goals he determined was necessary.

The group came to the consensus that they would work with the dragon for now since it seemed there would be ample time to take care of their own interests as well as aid the dragon. Once the party let the dragon know their decision, he already knew as he informed the group his hearing was excellent, Silverfang decided to show the party his gratitude by allowing them to look over the scraps of his horde to equip themselves.

As Silverfang leaves the group to look over potential loot he leaves the main cavern for several minutes. When he returns he is carrying several cloaks. “If you are going to act the part of a company of adventurers you may as well look it as well”. He hands each of you a royal blue cloak with silver fox lining and edging. Each cloak has what appears to be a heavy silver clasp with a stylized dragon head designed into it. You all quickly recognize the outline of the dragon’s head is oddly similar to the benefactor of the group.

“These will keep you a little better protected. And, you look much better wearing them as well. You’re Welcome.”



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