Lands of Algia 5E

Third Session

For the evening – everyone gains an inspiration point.

After being “escorted” out of the goblin silver mine by Tusk and Fang, Box’s two hobgoblin brutes the party quickly began planning what they were going to do once they returned to Vestia. It was decided they would tell MOST of the truth to Lord “Gray”, their mysterious employer leaving out the deal they had struck with Box. They also planned on returning the gold he had given to Violet, the druid and point person in the group.

Coming into Vestia, the party broke into three separate groups of two in case Gray had people watching the gates. Violet and Saffron headed directly across the Ice Bridge and made their way to the tavern to set up a meeting with Gray later that evening. Once setting up the meeting they headed to the Temple of Cathos to rendezvous with the rest.

The Paladin and fighter came across the sewage bridge and began searching for a wagon for the potential need of moving silver back and forth. After investigating (Kelsey rolled a 4 and Matthew rolled a 1 on their skill checks) they got lost, and spun around and ended up at an Undertakers shop who did happen to have a wagon for sale. A rather large one with three axles…and many stains. The female fighter quickly excused herself upon having the undertaker begin describing what was the cause of each of the varied stains and she politely turned him down. Continuing their search (more piss-poor rolls) they happened upon a second hand shop that had a rickshaw appearance. The shop keep only wanted 6 gold pieces for it but again, it wasn’t what they needed and was in poor condition. From there, they left to head to the Temple of Cathos to meet up with the other two.

The Sorcerer and the Cleric entered the city on a foot bridge and found themselves explaining why they had a silver goblin made short sword. The guard bought their story and recorded where they “encountered” the goblin and allowed them to enter. After finding a weaponsmith to sell it to ( Daniel – please make a note that it was 47 GP…again) they started exploring the city and found a potion shop which the Sorcerer decided to make a note of to return to in the future. At this point they too headed to the Temple.

The party meet up, got each up to date and prepared to meet with Lord Gray. Whilst meeting up, the dwarven cleric of Cathos talked to some of the brothers at the temple and got the details about the Grey Corridor and found out about rumors pertaining to non – Zalgozar undead roaming the countryside.



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