Greetings my adventurers.

It’s been generations since the coming of the true dragons from the World Gate, the link between the multiple worlds that Quril created, that balanced the battle between the races of Algia and the deadly Culuz. Even the eldest of the elves, the long lived race, had just been born when courageous groups of adventurers found the link and opened the portal. The battles of that time are now stories of legend.

In the five centuries since that time, now known as the closing of the Fourth Age and the beginning of the Fifth, the races have once again begun to rebuild Algia. The Dragons and the Culuz have kept each other in check and battles between these two races, the darkly chromatic Culuz and the beneficial metallic Dragons, flare up and wrap whole continents in their conflict but never completing their civil war that spread to Algia and stalemated once again.

You find yourself in the prospering city of Vestia, the Grand City of Adventurers. With it’s port on the Aud Sea and trade routes it has become the hub of commerce and political intrigue. Many peoples come to this city to start their adventures, join one of the many guilds, seek out entertainment, or to learn from one of the many masters of arts. Not all succeed in this city and fall upon hard times and despair and find themselves stuck in the slums. Others find fortune and fame and become a story told amongst the aspiring heroes. Others still are never heard from again, becoming a lesson to others about the still dangerous nature of the world you live in.

This is the city you have traveled to find what you seek.

This is the city you begin to leave your mark upon history, for better or worse.

This is Vestia, your new home, in the Lands of Algia.

Let the games begin

Lands of Algia 5E

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