Lands of Algia 5E

Opening Night

First Session

The team came together after being approached by the scribe looking for a group of people to go out of Vestia and check out a cave that the scribe’s employers were looking to purchase. So, the next day the team, including a halfelven sorcerer, human bard, human fighter, dwarven cleric, dragonborne paladin, and the scribe who is a halfelven druid left Vestia under dreary skies that within an hour of walking opened up and poured down on the group for the rest of the day. It being a cold early spring day, the rain was not appreciated. As the team closed in on the caves, about 5 hours out from the city, they noticed small foot prints at the trailhead leading up to the caves.

As they continued the climb, the adventurers encountered heavier rain and the sun started setting, and with about an hour to go to the cave they found a rock outcropping where they camped for the night. In the middle of the night, during the second shift of the watch, the druid and fighter heard and caught glimpses of a group of kobolds, which made sense with the tracks the group had seen earlier at the trailhead. The adventurers held their breath and the group of kobolds passed by without incident.

The next morning, the rain slowly tapered off and the group continued on to the cave. They found the cave had been covered up a crudely built wooden wall and upon closer inspection by the fighter, she noticed more tracks in front of the wall but not going in and then peeking through the wall, saw some sort of light about 20 feet down the cave and around a bend to the right.

After a bit of discussion, the group easily lifted the wall that was just leaning against the cave entrance and slowly entered the cavern. Upon passing the bend to the right, the dwarven cleric and human fighter both triggered a trip line and light exploded in the passage.

And that’s where we ended the session.



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